Upcoming Technology Solutions

Small Planet has always been proactive to pick up upcoming trends since the beginning. Not only that, a few times we have successfully contributed to setting up new technical trends! Here are a few Case Studies that would establish these facts:

Case Study - 1

Way back when Small Planet was about-to-born, we were able to conceive and implement an idea with which typical corporate VSNL shell account subscribers could compose and save their emails off-line. A batch program would then do the dialup, collect all mails from all the users' "pending" boxes and send all the emails at the top speed of the hardware. This would cut-down the Internet expenses by about 90%.

Note, this was during the time when Internet was costing Rs. 250/- per hour + telephone expenses. So, typically a large corporate would spend about 10 hours of internet usage per day, i.e. about Rs. 3000/- per day! So, the software would save about Rs. 2800/- per day, i.e. minimum Rs. 70,000/- per month.

Note, in those days, in this much amount, one could hire one General Manager, or 10 programmers, or purchase one enterprise database server!

Case Study - 2

Another example of innovation - how much do you think a prototype of an equipment whould cost, which would accept a 5 Rs. coin and switch on the internet connection for a certain period of time? ... few hundred thousand Rs.? ... ok, at least several tens of thousands? ... just contact us to get a pleasant surprise!

Case Study - 3

We came across a weighing scales manufacturing and trading company. They wanted to get a few high-end German and Japanese weighing scales integrated into conventional computer software. We turned around the work in about three weeks time at a comfortable pace and price.

While signing our last check, our customer couldn't hold himself - what he shared with us was shocking - he said, for the same task, he has been waiting for about 2 years, and that he had already wasted a good energy and amount on some other developers first and the most shocking, even on the parent companies -- i.e. those overseas manufacturers itself!

Case Study - 4

Ok, still not impressed? Here is another live case - a large corporate was about to spend Rs. fifteen hundred thousand for their email filtering solution (spam-guard + virus-guard + content filtering, i.e. email policy). We came across the requirement and were able to setup a Fully Customizable solution, woven finely around several freeware... and ... the cost wouldn't rise more than Rs. two hundred thousand under any pessimistic calculations!
... ... ... Are we saying, we are a cheap solutions devising company?
The answer is a clear N-O.
Our Motto is -


Business Benefit through
Innovative Implementation of
Information Technology

With our time-tested capability to deliver a hi-tech solution at an affordable price, we now offer turn-key or subcontracted development projects in the areas of Hardware Integration as well as Embedded Programming.

Please feel comfortable to approach us with your needs.

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