Services offered by Small Planet

Small Planet offers services in a fairly broad spectrum of IT industry. In crude words we are a 'Software Development and Consultancy Company'.

About fifteen years ago, there were only two lines of business in the entire field of software, viz., software for network computing on Unix systems using C or COBOL and the other, software for personal computers using TC or VB.

However, The ever-growing horizon of software development is day-by-day getting divided into more and more lines of business. Some of these include PC-based commercial applications, device drivers, games, even small ERPs, portable software using Java or PhP, web based software, software for networking devices and network management, embedded software for processors like MIPS or ARM, PC based software for process control industry, large software like ERP, distributed computing, etc. etc.

On this background, any company that has certain specific Mission or Vision, will always categorize its offerings into at least Primary and Secondary. In the subsequent sections of this page we have openly uncovered our business focus exactly into the said parts.

Important Lines of Business at Small Planet

Please click on the Titles of the Lines of Business of your interest to know more about the same.

Internet & Intranet Solutions 
Product Development
Development Projects
Software Implementation
- For ANY Industry
- in .Net / PhP + SQL
ERP Integration
E-Commerce Applications 
Turn-Key (E2E) basis

e offer conventional software development, maintenance and implementation services.

We have successfully developed and implemented conventional commercial software solutions for a variety of business domains like logistics, service and support, most of the human resource management processes, etc. We do not limit our business focus to any particular type of industry.

Our development methodology is based on two approaches, the first being "User-centric" and the second being "Total-Cost-of-Ownership (TCO) - centric".

Web Site Development 
Corporate Web Sites
- for SMB Segment
- for Large Industries
Static HTML Pages
Dynamic Content
Portal Development
Hosting / Support
Turn-Key (E2E) basis

e offer conventional web site development and maintenance services.

Our web site development methodology considers conventional Visitor Appreciable quality aspects like friendly navigation, attractive graphical components, color combinations, etc. However, apart from that we also focus on the quality aspects that generally remain invisible to the visitors. Such aspects include cross-browser compatibility, image optimization, usage of fast-rendering HTML, compatibility to multiple screen-resolutions, user-friendly software (i.e. dynamic content), choosing hosting server suitable to expected visitors, etc.

Upcoming Technology Solutions 
Hardware Integration
Embedded Programming
Turn-Key / Subcontracted

Hardware Integration is development of software for sensing and controlling third party hardware and this makes a significant share of our Upcoming Technology focus. With our highly competent technical team, this area was never a 'stay-away zone' for us, unlike most small-sized organizations like Small Planet.

Embedded Programming is going to be the Revolution of the coming decade, just like Web Programming was in the last decade. Small Planet is already standing on its firm footing to contribute to this revolution.

IT Corporate Consultancy 
Productivity Improvement
Quality Management

We use our own hi-tech code generation techniques to economize the commercial estimates to our customers and we are glad to shape up productivity impreovement exercises of other IT companies. We offer aggressive quantitative goals to our customers for consultancy assignments in this area.

Quality Management is another area where we offer Training and other services to IT companies.

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