Demo Samples

We are glad to present to you, some samples for two of our lines of business - Internet & Intranet Solutions and Web Site Development.

The Internet & Intranet Solutions demo sample is a sample application, with full-functional user interface, various types of screens for database maintenance operations, etc. When you click the link below to see the sample application, please do note the sophistication of every screen.

Example, on the View (or List) screens, the following advanced features are provided:

  • Changing widths of columns dynamically
  • Changing positions of columns dynamically by Dragging and Dropping a column
  • Sorting the data displayed on the screen right then-and-there in your browser.
  • Exporting the data on the screen into a .csv, which you can open in Excel.
  • Copying the data on the screen to the clipboard (from where you can paste into Excel or Word directly)
  • Seeing the search criteria (if any) on the screen, etc.

Likewise, on Every screen (add, modify, delete, search, import, etc.) you will find Several such Advanced Features which add lots and lots of comfort in the End User's life. (Remember, we mentioned about 'User-Centric development approach' earlier on Internet / Intranet leatlet?)

The best part is, all these advanced features come to you as a part of Our Development Lifestyle ... ALWAYS, ... not as a result of your premium budget!

Please visit our web site to see sample intranet application for maintaining Employees' data in a company.

The samples for Web Site Development project are really numerous. Here we have randomly chosen a few of them down below.

Please see that each of these samples makes its own category - one is artistic while some other looks quite 'formal' in feel. Some layout is suitable for an e-commerce software application, while some other is designed to accommodate hyperlinks of a typical web site of a small company.

While executing a web site development project for you, we will be choosing or making a layout that is suitable for Your Business.

Some layouts randomly chosen from our work

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