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15th August 1995!

A handful people in India celebrated their independence day in a different fashion! They got freedom of Information Exchange with the World! Yes, it was the day Internet stepped in India!!

By 1997, large corporates over the country acquired their first Internet Connection and the number grew enough to form Internet Users Club of India (IUCI). The IUCI held monthly meetings with the top officials of VSNL - the country's only Internet Service Provider. These meetings were chaired by honourable pioneers of incorporation of Internet in India - Shammi Kapoor, Mihir Mafatlal, Devang Mehta, Vijay Mukhi, Amitabh Kumar, etc.

Amongst those very first active users of Internet, there stood myself - a small young software professional, who wished to firm his feet in a then allian field of Web Development. I was a mechanical engineer by qualification, but learning COBOL or Ingres was anyways no different than learning the HTML syntax! ... yes, one difference - there were institutes and instructors for COBOL and Ingres, but there was only the "HTML Language Specification" released by the W3C - the WorldWideWeb Consortium!

In 1998, I made my first contribution in the growth of World Wide Web successfully - it was a Web Site for a handicrafts exporter in Mumbai. In those days, making a static HTML web page was a programmer's job and you would find it difficult to believe, the browsers then did not support even the most basic feature like Center Align!

The words E-Commerce, Web Database Programming started buzzing around in 1999 and I was able to grab another opportunity of developing an E-commerce application for one of the large compressors spare parts businesses in Mumbai.

Rajendra Kulkarni
Rajendra Kulkarni,
Founder Director
In those days I was designated as an Asst. Manager with one of the large corporates in India, however, as an aspiring part-timer freelancer, I was only looked upon as a 'freelance programmer'. This was kind-of constraining my progress and finally Small Planet Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was born in the Year 2000.

The government of India soon liberalized the Internet Service Provider (ISP) policy and smaller, private, 'C-Class ISP's started coming up. Today, we are glad to boast that we maintained a significant part of the infrastructure of the Country's First C-Class ISP! Soon we also added many large Hosting Providers on our clientele and made our contribution to growth of Internet in the country.

The dot-com revolution was in boom and we executed several complex technical projects as well. Implementation of Online Payment was one of the feathers in our peak, for one of the largest newspapers in India, for their edition in the western countries. We executed several conventional e-commerce projects subsequently, however, were still able to keep away from the 'thinking groove'. Web Based Games was unheard in those days but still we were able to successfully implement a multi-user real-time gaming portal - i-crorepati (hey, you remember the Kaun Banega Karodpati, anchored by Amitabh Bachchan?).

We were able to grab our first International customer within a couple of years of incorporation. It was purely by word of mouth and we consider it as a significant achievement in the absence of any structured sales or marketing effort.

In those developing years of ever-changing technologies we always felt scarcity of Deployable Manpower. We designed a training program for one of the reputed training institutes and contributed to bridging the gap.

Apart from conventional Internet / Intranet Software and the Web Sites businesses, today we have further diversified into Hardware Integration, Embedded Programming, etc. We also provide Consultancy and Training to IT Companies in the areas of Productivity Improvement, Quality Management, etc.

While making reasonable profits from the business, we also believe it's time to repay to the society. We have done a little amount of work on a no-profit no-loss basis, for many non-profit organizations in the vicinity. Some of these projects include community web sites, web sites for organizations like news channel, organization for handicapped and challenged people, etc.

We look forward for developing a relation with you, too!


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